Mentees Blogging During Pitch Wars

I plan on blogging throughout the next two months while I work on my manuscript with my lovely mentor, Laura Salters. I want to share tips, hints, progress, types of changes, things to look out for in your own novel, and to share the frenzy!

I know I’m not the only one!

If you’re a mentee and you want to share the wisdom you garner from your mentor, let me know! Send me a message @Mcrebecky on Twitter or comment here or email me!

If you’re a Pitch Wars hopeful that didn’t make in this year, but you still want to dive into revisions, check out these blogs! We’ll be posting about the types of changes we’re doing, the tricks we learn from out excellent mentors, and the methods of madness we’re learning to navigate!

Mentees Blogging

  1. Rebecca McLaughlin (The Nameless Queen)
  2. Lynn Forrest (The Measure of a Monster)
  3. Brian Palmer (A Silence Worth Breaking)
  4. A. S. Olivier (Chalk Circles)
  5. Jenn Brisendine (Under the Dust of Ransom)
  6. Michelle Tran (Diamond Queen)
  7. Vanessa Barger (Learning Space)
  8. Taryn Bashford (Game Face)
  9. Heather Murphy Capps (Spooky Jane)
  10. J.R. Yates (Unspeakable)
  11. Joan He (Hesperia)
  12. Jeigh Meredith (Resonant)
  13. Monica Hoffman (The Atlantic Bond)
  14. Megan England (Space Academy Rejects)
  15. M. C. Vaughan (The Reluctant Princess)
  16. Gretchen Kaup (The Mirage Shifter)
  17. C. L. McCollum (Traces)
  18. Elizabeth Leis-Newman (Callback)
  19. E. S. Wesley (The Outs)
  20. Sarahlyn Bruck (Fit)
  21. Jamie Manning (Out of the Ashes)
  22. Amanda Christine Donegon (The Zer0 Maker)
  23. MORE COMING SOON! (If you want to be on this list of blogging mentees, let me know!)