What I’m Writing

AHHHH! I’m getting a book published! I’ve accepted a two-book deal from Crown Publishing (Penguin Random House). THE NAMELESS QUEEN will be published in Spring 2018 2019 (2019 or 2020??), and my second will likely come out the following year!! AHHHH!

You can add my book to your Goodreads To-Read list!!!



Current Project (working on the millionth round of revisions with my Editor)

Nameless 26

“The Nameless Queen” — 100,000-ish words. Now I HAVE AN EDITOR and am working on edits!! This, after working with Laura Stevens as a part of Pitch Wars (read more here) and officially getting a literary agent!

Coin has grown up on the streets as one of the Nameless—without identity, rights, or loyalties—and she has just been named queen.

It will be published in 2019 by Crown Publishing (Penguin Random House), and here’s the proper announcement!

“The Nameless Queen 2: SEQUEL (Untitled thus far)” — 64,000 words (so far)

My book deal is for TWO books! But! We’re might do a second standalone instead of a sequel at this point. I’ll do a post/video explaining why soon!

I’m currently pitching ideas to my agent and editor to see what I’ll be working on!


Written Books (finished and in a lovely trunk)


“The Amateur Witch” (106,000) YA Fantasy

         16-year-old  Tella has brown-eyes , marking her as non-magic… but she’s still somehow a witch, and she’s been tasked with stopping a war that may have already started.

“The Amateur Witch 2: Loose Magic” (108,000) YA Fantasy

          Tella crosses the boundaries of kingdoms to unravel the secrets of the deadly magic she unleashed, but is she willing to let others pay the cost of protecting the world from her mistakes?

“MISTE” (71,000) Thriller

          Alicia Ridge is blackmailed into stealing the technology she invented but didn’t know existed, discovering a trail of bodies along the way that leads to an experiment that could change everything she understands about the word impossible.

“Echo” (140,000) YA Science Fiction

          17-year-old Kyra Williams wants to find the truth behind the death of her parents, but instead she discovers an elusive stranger and a blood-trail that might hold the answers to the capital city’s 20-year quarantine.



Unfinished Books (which may or may not ever get finished)


Sometimes you start stories and give up on them. I’ve done this a lot, but here are the highlights:

“The Amateur Witch 3: Alternates” (78,000) YA Fantasy [Dear past self, stop writing sequels to books, please]

          Crossing oceans to topple an ancient hierarchy, Tella attempts to prevent the escape of the world’s most dangerous witch and untangle the secrets of her ancestry.

“Brave” (20,000) YA Science Fiction [Dear Past Me, SERIOUSLY stop writing sequels to trunk books]

          Trapped in the desolate, quarantined capital, Kyra races for the cure to the parasitic virus that killed her parents, but even if she survives long enough to find it, she’s not the only one after it.

“Searching for Words” (21,000) MG Fantasy

To allay her overbearing mother’s fear of flying, Andrea, a sarcastic 13-year-old, helpfully writes a story about a crashing airplane—then her words come to life as their plane plummets toward the earth.


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