How Long Does Getting Published Take?

I’ve been pretty quiet over the past year about my book. So what’s been going on? When’s my book getting published? WHAT’S GOING ON??


Writing Rituals!

Thanks to MK England for tagging me in the writing rituals video! I didn’t answer any of the questions, but I did what inspired me! Which was to poke fun at my own rituals and how they can fail me sometimes. See, rituals are intended to get you into the proper headspace for getting work done, so you have to re-evaluate if it isn’t working for you!

Editing Metaphor: Coffee VS. Machete

A lovely tangential video about coffee, machetes, kumquats, and how most of those things relate to writing and editing.

(Also, someday I will totally publish these things on the day I film them. Hopefully)

Have a question about any of this?

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Writing & Small Life Updates

…in which I chat about petty (temporary) theft, chapter breakout summaries, outdated technology, talking with potential new clients for my agent, and the art of multitasking.


Armory Armoire: Writing Metaphors and Manual Labor


This is the construction of a journey to a metaphor of an armoire. AKA: I built a jewelry armoire (aka I put on the legs & top).

Also, no jewelry is featured in this video.

There are, however, sharp objects.


Writer’s Life: The Pen Cup Crisis

A typical Saturday morning of an author. Any writer knows the struggle of the pen cup.

You know how it goes. One pen, two pens, 90-thousand pens—half of which don’t work. All of it resulting in a tetris-jenga mess.

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Division of Labor (video)

R&R: Rebecca and Rebecca discuss who will be doing the writing for the day, and they don’t quite agree.

Things I still fail at: lighting, controlling cloud cover, the inexplicable 2px bar between screens.