Practicing Revisions

Revision is the hardest thing to practice because it’s at the end of the writing road, which is a very long road on its own.

From A Message to the Incoming Pitch Wars Mentees via To The Shelves blog.


Ask Yourself…

When you make a gut decision while writing, make sure you revisit it and ask why did I choose that, and could there be a more unexpected and original option?

From How to be a Feminist Writer, April 11, 2016


Revision = Muscly Golem Creature

Revision for some people involves adding meat to the bones, and for some it involves trimming away the fat. The end goal of revisions is really to get to a muscly golem creature who is more than skin and bones, but not too flabby. And that’s probably the weirdest analogy I’ve ever made for revisions, so I’ll leave it at that.

From Camp NaNoWriMo 2016: How to Track Revisions, Short Stories, and Unreliable Word Counts,  March 25, 2016


How To Advice

You have to take advice before you can give it.


From 5 Resources: Blogs I Follow, Articles I Love, February 11, 2016



Yes, we are all footnotes in someone else’s story. But your story is the one you get to tell.

From Keeping Perspective (on your writing journey and life), February 2, 2016


“Trunking Your Manuscript”

When you have to shelve another book and start over, you have to change your thoughts from “this is hopeless” to “This will be an amusing footnote in my life story.”

From Changing How You Tell Your Story, by Amanda Rawson Hill, February 8, 2016