Social Media


Here, you can find me in all sorts of other places!

The moment I joined Twitter:

A technological advancement of tweetable proportions:

I have a twitter account!


I’m more active on Twitter than anywhere else now!

It only took me several years.

I’ve never been on the ball as far as technology trend (ha, trend. Get it? Because of twitter?) is concerned. Not just for a lack of balance. Evidence:

  • My parents both had smartphones before I finally lost my slide-keyboard Samsung Gravity and finally agreed to purchase a newfangled fancy touchscreen device.
  • My parents both use Facebook more often than I do.
  • I grew up without video games, and still have never owned a gaming console. Which might not be bad considering the following:
    • My years of addiction to World of Warcraft
    • My secluded stint of Unreal Tournament, GTA II, Halo, Civilization, Rise of Nations, Sims, and Sims City computer games
    • My near-addictive response to Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Super Mario Wii when I stay at my Eldest Sister’s house (bejeweled Sniper Rifles, anyone? And frickin Yoshi)

The only edge I have, is that neither of my parents have blogs. I’m not sure if this an extraordinarily redeeming fact, but I’m going to pretend it definitely-for-sure is.

Alas, several years after my father, I have finally fallen into the trap of Twitter. For two reasons:

  • Now I can follow all of the TV shows writers with a whole new level of stalker-ness.
  • I can use it as an excuse to inflict my opinion on people (largely in the form of nerdy opinions on science and opinions on Netflix [hint: positive]), as a platform to promote myself as an author, blogger, and overall mostly-human being, and as yet another portal into the internet universe of #wheredidmylifego.

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