Contact (smoke signals and email)

Step One: Smoke signals. Preferably incense or candle based.

Step Two (in the event that we’re not living in a time period where smoke signals are utilized): Shout MARCO really loudly. If I’m in the area, I will respond.

Step Three (in the event that you’re now playing Marco Polo with strangers): Leave a comment on a blog post somewhere. The internet will be gracious and inform me of your comment, I will answer it diligently!

Step Four (in the event that your question is not related to a blog post or if you have a really cool Marco Polo story to tell me):

  • Send me an email at the following address: McRebecky (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • Sing me a song (send me a tweet), at @McRebecky. (Available on the sidebar of my home page.)
  • To ask me an ANONYMOUS question (I understand the importance of secret identities), feel free to visit my Tumblr.
  • Sometimes I step out from behind the words and step in front of a camera! Check it out on YouTube, and feel free to leave a comment there!
  • I may or may not be on Snapchat (McRebecky), which isn’t so much a place where you can contact me as it is a place where you’ll see me doing embarrassing things like posting song-bytes at midnight or blurry images of doodles.

Step Five (in the event that you have OFFICIALLY MADE CONTACT!): Wait anxiously for a reply, counting the seconds until my reply pings on the screen, swooning at my every syllable.

Step Six (in the event that you didn’t swoon): Repeat Steps One through Five. And really aim for swooning this time. Give it your Class-A-Effort.




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