Life & Book Updates — June 2016

Hey there! It’s May (June? It’s June? Wow, I forgot what month it is. Month #6). Here’s a random list of the things I’ve done over the past year:

  • Got accepted into Pitch Wars, and sort of got second place (in that there were no places, but I had the second-highest number of requests from agents).
  • Signed with literary agent extraordinaire, Pete J. Knapp, at New Leaf Literary & Media Inc.
  • Went on submission prompty thereafter, and sold North American rights for my debut novel, THE NAMELESS QUEEN, to Phoebe Yeh at Crown Publishing of Penguin Random House.
  • Spent 6 months waiting for the contract to be finalized so we could announce the deal.
  • Got an edit letter from my editor (can I scream and fall over yet?)
  • Announced the deal on Publisher’s Marketplace! (*screams and falls over*)
  • Got interviewed for my own job (so I can get through the red tape and become a permanent employee)
  • Finally got the internet at my apartment after a year and half without it.
  • Launched the Ask Authors blog on Tumblr (where you can ask questions to over 100 writers!) (@AskAuthors)
  • Rebuilt the transmission on Ninja Car for almost what it cost to buy it in the first place.
  • Systematically broke my laptop through a series of accidents that were totally not my fault (at least one of them was my fault).
  • Have not yet purchased a new laptop.
  • Saw an innumerable number of fabulous movies (mostly kid animated) and watched way too much television.
    • New Movies of note: C.A. Civil War; Zootopia; SWFA; Inside Out; FINDING DORY THIS FRIDAY;
    • New TV shows: Lucifer; Supergirl; Sherlock s03e04;  binge-watching Supernatural
  • Got a second credit card.
  • Bought a lovely new set of throwing knives.
  • Spent a lot of time on Twitter.
  • Taught my sister and nephew how to throw knives. (And also slightly disassembled my grandmother’s deck to retrieve a stray runaway knife.)
  • Received the official offer for my job! (You’re lookin at a professional Technical Editor, kids! Woohoo!)


Do you have questions for me about any of this? Ask me!


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