5 Resources: Tools and Toolboxes for Writing


It’s that time again! Here are five resources to help any aspiring author:


Ask Authors Tumblr Blog — Sometimes the best tool is one that isn’t in our toolbox. That’s why find, building, and interacting with the writing community is so important. Tapping the knowledge, experience, and advice of over 100 writers, I’m hosting a new Tumblr Ask Blog called Ask Authors. Have a question about writing, querying, agents, or need advice? Ask us anything! The blog’s first post will be in 6 days (Monday, April 25, 2016)!

Pitch Wars 2015 Crew Blog — In that same vein, a bunch of the writers from the 2015 Pitch Wars Contestants are putting together a blog to share writing advice and experiences. It’s a wonderful site that is sure to provide unique insight into the world and minds of writers. The blog’s first post will be in two weeks! And there is a permanent link to it on the AskAuthors blog so you can easily go between them!

First Five Pages; What Agents Look For — This is a series of interviews with literary agents. Each interview covers what the agent looks for in those first 5 pages or so that accompany the query letter. Pace, tone, first sentence, characterization, and voice—get ready for a lot of insight into an agent’s mind! (pssst—my agent answered this question somewhere in there!)


Questions to Ask an Offering Agent — Even if you aren’t expecting this call anytime soon (the call where an agent offers to represent you), it’s good to know where your head will be at. What questions do you ask that agent to get a sense if they are a good fit?

Big A** Character Sheet — This thing is awesome. It helps you learn more about your character (or proves how much you already know). I guarantee you won’t get through this list without learning something new about your main character. Great for both the drafting and revising stage. Challenge yourself to go through for your villain or your secondary characters!


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