Dictating and Transcribing: How to Fall Behind

  1. Make a goal of dictating into your iPod-slash-recording-device on the way to and from work. Commute productivity!
  2. Dictate diligently. (There will be lots of awkward silences and clicky blinker driving noises. And the occasional chastising of silly cars.)
  3. Be too busy/sleepy to transcribe at the end of the day. Just once or twice–enough to derail you. (ZZzzzzzzZZZ)
  4. Miss at least one turn while driving. (Thankfully, I found my way into my uncle’s apartment complex via a secret, unexpected, clearly labeled second entrance. Also, this seems to be a recurring pattern for me.)
  5. Be busy/sleepy a couple more times. Maybe take the weekend off. (Easter weekend, I’m looking at you.)
  6. Realize that you’re transcribing sessions from exactly one week ago, and you’re starting to feel like you are two electrons in the same orbital, following the same path at the same speed, but doomed to being two steps behind yourself, somehow spinning in the opposite direction!
  7. Have an existential crisis about being two electrons.
  8. Complain about said existential crisis on the internet.electrontweet.jpg
  9. Receive support from family and loved ones.tweetlsd
  10. Transcribe while in a cozy warm bed after a long day of hard work and fall asleep writing and type this: sleeptype3 (Step 1: typo. Step 2: another typo Step 3: *sleeps with Logic Filter OFF*
  11. Wake up the next day in a haze of SO MANY WORDS MUST BE WRITTEN.
  12. Start to feel a disconnected sense of where you are in the story, both in the past and in the present.tte
  13. Receive additional feedback.tte2
  14. Question your sanity.
  15. Question everyone else’s insanity for not being as obviously sane as you.
  16. Forget what you were doing in the first place.
  17. Oh yeah, dictating and transcribing.
  18. Sorry, Future Me who has to edit this monstrosity of a list.
  19. I must just be a little bit dazzle-brained from so much transcribing and talking to myself.
  20. I don’t think I’m doing lists right anymore.

3 thoughts on “Dictating and Transcribing: How to Fall Behind

  1. I’m driving a couple hours there and back for a concert tomorrow, and I was just thinking this morning that I should bring my recorder with me so I can try to work through and start outlining the novel after my WIP is finished. It worked last summer when I had an eight-hour drive there and back which helped me outline my WIP. Dictating and driving is fun! 😀

    • Totally do it! It’s a great way to fill the silence with things other than screechy-music (OK, to be fair, the screechy music is me trying to hit ALL THE HIGH NOTES that I will never reach). Dialogue is especially fun!

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