Pitch Wars #9: The Agent Round is HAPPENING!

SO. The Agent Round started today! For the next couple days, literary agents will peruse the 125 submissions. If they see something they want to read more of, they comment with a request and instructions. This can be anything from a query letter and sample chapters, to a synopsis, to a partial, to a full request!

Behind the scenes, all the Mentees are basically FREAKIN’ THE FREAK OUT. Which is to be expected, I think. I made the critical error of drinking a cup of (albeit delicious, but terrible timed) coffee. In addition the the bundle of frayed wires that is my nervous system, I’m contending with a lovely bout of jitter-fingers.

This. Basically this. (from giphy.com)

If you want to check out my entry, please do! BUT! Do not comment on that post, because commenting is strictly reserved for literary agents on the prowl (like foxes or dragons maybe). If you want to comment, I would suggest one of the following options:

  • Shouting from rooftops
  • Twitter
  • Here on this WordPress site
  • Shouting from basements*

*less effective than shouting from rooftops, but also less likely to get a noise complaint filed against you**

**though it might be more likely to get the cops called on you because there’s mysterious shouting coming from the basement, and you could be a serial killer or a kidnapped Antarctican Prince or something, and the neighbors are pretty nosy to begin with, so maybe stick with online-shouting

While you’re on Brenda Drake’s site, check out the submissions from other authors of YA, MG, and NA/A! Stalk some folks on Twitter and wish everyone good luck!

Here’s the whole list of submissions if you want to take a gander! All the mentors worked very hard on their manuscripts for two months! APPLAUSE FOR THEM ALL! (Though I think sedatives or chocolate are probably higher on their Wish Lists right now.)

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of chocolate? (from giphy.com)


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