Writing Community: Revisions (Pitch Wars #6)

For those of you either participating in this year’s Pitch Wars contest or those who are following along with the same rigorous attitude, you might know that all the mentees (the writers who submitted and got accepted) are conspiring together. Well, not really. What’s happening is we chat and complain and help each other.

The resources we’ve built in our little community are like strings and cans extending between our dark little writing caves. But that doesn’t mean YOU can’t build these resources. I want to post about the various resources we use.

Here’s the first:

Revision Thread

What is it?

This is basically where we go to comment on our progress. Did we write something new? Delete a chunk of scenes? Come up with a great one-liner? Narrow the villain’s motivation?

As an example, in our mentees Revisions Thread, you often see people say things like: “I have two weeks to remove two characters and add a POV while also upping the tension and stakes. Send wine. Or coffee. Or both.”

Why is it important?

This might sound like a bragging thread, but it’s not. It’s a checkpoint. Taking note of the things you’ve changed is important. It lets you track your progress, remind yourself that even if you subtracted a thousand words, it still counts as writing and revising. Revision doesn’t have an inclined word count graph like you see in NaNoWriMo. Sometimes, removing words, deleting characters, honing the language to a polish-y glimmer, is TOUGH and HARD WORK and totally counts as writing.

How do YOU do this?

You don’t need a Facebook club, and you don’t need a telethon. What you need is at least one other person (a Critique Partner or a group, etc.) to commiserate with. And by commiserate, I mean complain about words and pat each other on the back for making a tough change. Talk about your changes. Talk about what frightens you about them. (Like, a two week deadline, for instance.) Help each other out—and maybe send wine and coffee.