Never Lose Your Work — How to Set up Autosave (and find it again)!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably lost important work before. Computer crashes, overheats, freezes, and basically screws you over. Shake your head, pound the table, throw all the sticky notes, but then let’s make sure it never happens again.

Follow these steps to set up your Microsoft Word autorecover preferences (save it every 1 minute instead of every 10), and find where it might have saved a more recent version of your files without telling you!

In Microsoft Word:

1. Click File > Options.


2. Click “Save.”


3. Change the autorecover time to 1 minute (as shown in image). See that folder location name (also highlighted in the image)? This is the location your files will autosave to if your computer shuts down unexpectedly (due to thermal shutdown, low battery, battery removal, system error).


4.If you want to find a file after your computer shutdown, copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) that address into a File Explorer window.


5. (You might have to select a folder with a file name.) Click “Modified Date”. This will sort the information so the most recent are at the top, so you can find the most recent version.


6. Search through the most recent for the title of your work. You can check the time stamp on the file to see when it auto-saved.

7. Double click to open the ASD file. It might complain at you and say it doesn’t know what program to open with. Choose “Select from list of programs.” Then select Microsoft Word. Easy peasy.

8. The icons will change to Microsoft Word icons to let you know you can open them in Word.


8. It should open in Microsoft Word, then you can save it wherever you like!

If you know someone who has lost work and could benefit from changing their autosave preferences, direct them heer! Share the love!


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