7/7/7 Writer’s Challenge

I’ve been tagged by the fabulous Verna Austen to do the 7/7/7 challenge for my current manuscript.

  1. Go to page 7 of your WIP (Work in Progress).
  2. Scroll down to Line 7.
  3. Share the next 7 sentences in a blog post.
  4. After the excerpt, tag 7 other writers to continue the challenge.

(So I guess, technically it’s the 7/7/7/7 challenge? The Quad-7 challenge?? The 1/343 challenge? OK, this is why I’m not in charge of naming things.)

My current work in progress is THE NAMELESS QUEEN. Here’s a glimpse:

“Run along, Hat,” I say. “I’ve got an argument to get to.” Ren is behind me, and I know it’s him without checking.

Marcher storms up to us. “That’s my grab.”

Hat scurries off, and I hold my cool until she’s out of sight.

I shake the coin purse at him. “You sent that girl to pickpocket a Royal. That was stupid. There’s no way she would have lifted it without getting caught.”

“You did when you were her age,” Marcher says slyly.

*pretends you’re not counting the sentences* OK, in my defense, I count a line of dialogue + the tag as one sentence.

This scene introduces Marcher, a darker part of MC’s past that won’t stay buried. It also briefly shows Hat (a sort-of-twelve-year-old with excellent hair) and Ren (voice of reason among thieves).

Aaaand, because I’m in an editing mood (when am I not, though?), I’m going to comment on one thing I like and don’t like about my own excerpt.

Like: “You did when you were her age”  — This line of dialogue hints at their history without explaining it outright. It’s a decent balance of backstory and action.

Dislike: Ren is behind me, and I know it’s him without checking. — Ehhhh, I don’t like the “know it’s him without checking.” That, plus the passive “is” makes this sentence feel out-of-place, like Ren just suddenly appeared out of The Nothingness of Nowhere. He isn’t super present in this scene even though he’s actually physically present.

Tagged authors:

  1. Anne Slease
  2. Katherine Hillis
  3. Claribel Ortega
  4. Kristin Howe
  5. Becky Munyon
  6. Suzanne Samin
  7. Diana Pinguicha

12 thoughts on “7/7/7 Writer’s Challenge

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  2. Here’s an excerpt from Double Exposure:

    She grinned, feeling her heart tug with strong emotions. He resembled Jake in every way.
    She adored both her children with her heart, yearning for more. Right now, it wasn’t a good time, with this crisis at their hands.
    “Okay?” Jake asked. “You looked bushed.”
    Jake led her to their ivory master bedroom down the hall. Too tired to change, she shucked her pants and fell into bed. Jacob climbed in beside her and pulled her close.

    I tag @mmhoffman14, @JLAustin13, @ellemarr__, @jr_Yates__, @brendadrake, @kathleea, @brzaks

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