200 Things to Do When You’re Bored or Stressed

I have 200 followers! What to do? I did 100 Writing Tips when I hit 100 followers. What now?

I’m feeling pretty wise, so here’s a giant list of fun things to do!

200 things to do

  1. Inspect every inch of your room for spiders.
  2. Declare the room Spider Free.
  3. Establish Your Room as a Safe From Spiders Zone.
  4. Invite friends.
  5. Reorganize the shoes by the front door.
  6. Build a pyramid of shoes.
  7. Build an archway of shoes.
  8. Switch the shoelaces between two different pairs of shoes so they don’t match.
  9. Put flip-flops INSIDE the shoes. You know, to save space.
  10. Put feet in flip-flops in shoes. For comfort.
  11. Put flip-flops in dress shoes for a “business casual” feeling.
  12. Make a snowflake.
  13. Make ten snowflakes.
  14. Make it snow.
  15. Cut out pictures of Weeping Angels.
  16. Hide pictures of Weeping Angels around your apartment to scare visitors/roommates.
  17. Watch Doctor Who so you understand the Weeping Angels reference.
  18. Retrieve snowflakes and Weeping Angel cut-outs. Make snow angels.
  19. Tape a pencil to the wall.
  20. Don’t answer any questions about The Pencil.
  21. Imply to all visitors how important The Pencil is.
  22. Lay out clothes on the furniture next to you.
  23. Conduct a conversation with said clothes.
  24. Tidy up the pots and pans.
  25. Extract your favorite pot and wear it as a hat.
  26. Become Colonel Kitchenware.
  27. Don all appropriate armor.
  28. Declare war on Lieutenant Living Room.
  29. Search the couch for socks.
  30. Compile all Couch Objects into a beautiful sculpture.
  31. Name the Sculpture: “Stuff I Found There.” Call it Project SIFT.
  32. Light a candle.
  33. Contemplate fire.
  34. Conclude something philosophical.
  35. Regardless of conclusion, spend copious amounts of time and effort resisting the urge to light other things on fire.
  36. Invest in a fire extinguisher.
  37. Put out things you accidentally set on fire.
  38. Go find a snack.
  39. Go find another snack.
  40. Make the snacks compete for your affections.
  41. Reward the winner with a show of teeth.
  42. Write a poem in under thirty seconds.
  43. Read the poem backwards.
  44. Decide that poems are hard.
  45. Find the nearest window.
  46. Go to it.
  47. Look out said window.
  48. Count all green objects.
  49. Count all blue objects.
  50. Search the sky.
  51. Search the land.
  52. Search your closet.
  53. Find something unexpected.
  54. Inform the internet of your discovery.
  55. Phrase it like this: “I have located an elusive OBJECT in a PLACE. It was unexpected. #unexpectedobjects”
  56. Try to figure out if you prefer calling them “hashtags”, “pound symbols”, “number signs”, or “octothorpes.”
  57. Figure out what happened exactly 57 days ago.
  58. Plan your day as if it were a montage.
  59. Hum your own theme music.
  60. Do everything dramatically.
  61. Ignore the people who stare at you like you’re a crazy person. You’re not crazy. THEY’RE CRAZY.
  62. Dance. But don’t throw off the emperor’s groove.
  63. Cook a meal as if you are a robot.
  64. Realize you are not a robot and cannot subsist on nuts, bolts, and oil.
  65. Scrutinize the handles of the kitchen cupboards/drawers.
  66. Try to decide where those handles came from, who designed them, and if they’re part of a vast conspiracy.
  67. Create a vast conspiracy.
  68. Place yourself at the center of the conspiracy.
  69. Be paranoid. About everything. Especially that weird sound coming from the walls. You should check that out.
  70. Pretend to be a ninja spy, bent on recovering lost artifacts.
  71. Examine the nearest flat surface.
  72. Build a mountain and/or skyscraper out of all objects on said flat surface.
  73. Pick a perfect hiding place if someone were to suddenly intrude into the building.
  74. Pick a perfect hiding place if you were two inches tall and someone were to suddenly intrude into the building.
  75. Turn all the pictures/posters upside down.
  76. Be nonchalant about it.
  77. When someone asks why everything is upside down, pretend not to know what they’re talking about.
  78. Insist they’re seeing things.
  79. Insist they see a therapist.
  80. Offer to be their therapist.
  81. The next time someone walks into the room, tell them you sense a presence.
  82. Tell them you sense the presence of their ghost.
  83. Inform that person that, sadly, they died yesterday.
  84. Inform that person that it is strange they are still talking and objecting as if they don’t realize they’ve passed on.
  85. When that person punches you in the shoulder, jump away in terror and shout, “The presence is here, with us! Speak, O Mighty spirit.”
  86. Go about your day like normal. When said person sits down hours later, say, “Y’know, I know a guy who knows a guy who KNOWS A GUY… and he’s really good at helping people move on. Into the light and all that. If you’re interested.”
  87. Invent a method for protecting against shoulder punches from lifelike ghosts.
  88. Balance a pen on its tip.
  89. Proclaim to all that THIS IS THE EQUINOX, and it’s a VERY BIG DEAL.
  90. Don’t give anyone more information.
  91. Invent a cross-breed pet, like a dog-squirrel that will always and forever chase its own tail.
  92. Pick a short sentence. Try to say it backwards. “Sdrawkcab ti yas ot yrt”
  93. Build a new language.
  94. Sing a song about your new language.
  95. Sing the song IN your new language.
  96. Try to do a handstand.
  97. After failing at handstands, do a footstand.
  98. Congratulate yourself on a gymnastic feat of Awesome.
  99. Convinced of your Awesomeness, consider enrolling in gymnastics.
  100. Attend one class.
  101. Realize your mistake. You are TOO GOOD for gymnastics.
  102. Become a ninja. (See #70)
  103. Go on a quest to find a samurai.
  104. Get distracted by a puppy.
  106. Steal puppy.
  107. Become notorious as The Puppy Stealer.
  108. Go on the lam.
  109. Spend too much time looking up kitten videos on YouTube.
  110. Practice laughing.
  111. Become an expert at Maniacal Laughter.
  112. Laugh maniacally in situations where regular laughter is expected.
  113. Go for a run.
  114. After twelve steps, start jogging.
  115. After three more steps, start walking.
  116. Give up.
  117. Develop a sudden and uncontrollable desire for lemonade.
  118. Seek out “Life” who, according to myth, gives people lemons.
  119. Demand grapefruit instead.
  120. Call a random person in the phonebook.
  121. Realize that you don’t own a phonebook, haven’t seen a phonebook in years, and that phonebooks might never have really existed.
  122. Present your friends with the following scenario: A rubber ducky versus a battleship. Who wins?
  123. Decide the future of your friendship based on their answer to that scenario.
  124. Buy a puzzle.
  125. Start said puzzle.
  126. Ask a friend to help with the puzzle, but hide three of the pieces.
  127. Put the puzzle piece in their shoe.
  128. Accuse them of theft.
  129. Quote your favorite movie.
  130. Quote your favorite movie in an Australian accent.
  131. Come to terms with the fact that you may never have an Australian accent.
  132. Play Hide and Seek.
  133. Hide.
  134. Go to get groceries while “hiding.”
  135. Try to pronounce the ingredients in your shampoo.
  136. When someone tells you to Google something, tell them that you are consulting The Almighty Goog.
  137. Pick a new favorite color.
  138. Pick a new most-hated color.
  139. Rename all the colors.
  140. Refer to everything as “The Most Glorious.”
  141. Tell your friend you want “The Most Glorious piece of toast.”
  142. End every sentence with “in the name of Cthulu.”
  143. Combine #140–142: “I want the Most Glorious piece of toast in the name of Cthulu.”
  144. Pretend the floor is lava.
  145. Avoid touching the floor at all costs.
  146. When you step on the floor, fall down in extreme agony, clutching your chest, proclaiming your last wish.
  147. Decide what possessions you would distribute in your Last Will and Testament.
  148. Decide what possessions you would like to be buried with.
  149. Decide what possessions will be burned.
  150. Imagine the room is upside down.
  151. Experience vertigo.
  152. Construct an obstacle course in your living room.
  153. Challenge nearest human to an obstacle course race.
  154. Win.
  155. Go outside and announce your victory to your adoring public.
  156. Acquire an adoring public.
  157. Buy a new toaster.
  158. Use said toaster to create the Most Glorious piece of toast in the name of Cthulu.
  159. Decide you want to paint a masterpiece.
  160. Realize you don’t have any paint.
  161. Paint a masterpiece using condiments.
  162. Mix mustard and ketchup for orange.
  163. Check the expiration date on all condiments in fridge.
  164. Discover what is at the back of the freezer.
  165. Find a beanie baby.
  166. Place said beanie baby on top of ceiling fan.
  167. Turn ceiling fan on.
  168. Announce to the world that you have broken the Longest Beanie Baby Flight in all of human history.
  169. Receive an award.
  170. Practice your “Receive an award” speech.
  171. Thank all of the inanimate objects involved.
  172. Go on an afternoon drive.
  173. Get lost.
  174. Ask for directions.
  175. Blatantly ignore advice and drive off in the opposite direction.
  176. Go on an afternoon “wild search for anything familiar so I can find my way home again” drive.
  177. Climb a tree.
  178. Pretend to be on top of a pirate ship.
  179. Shout “Avast ye land lubber!” every time someone walks by.
  180. Hide among the branches.
  181. Pretend to be the spirit of the tree.
  182. Go for a swim.
  183. Pretend there are sharks in the water.
  184. Exit the pool when the lifeguard yells at you for pretending there are sharks in the water.
  185. Get banned from the public pool for life.
  186. Go bowling.
  187. Only knock down one pin on each frame.
  188. When the game is over, shout, “I GOT A PERFECT TEN!”
  189. Decide what your favorite smell is.
  190. Go off in search of your favorite smell.
  191. Cook spaghetti.
  192. Reenact the scene from Lady and the Tramp. Alone.
  193. Become an expert at whistling.
  194. Gain notoriety for your whistling prowess.
  195. Go to Georgia and challenge the Devil to a whistling contest.
  196. Lose.
  197. Run away from Georgia and hope the Devil’s jurisdiction doesn’t extend past state lines.
  198. Run out of things to do.
  199. Go back to the beginning of this list.
  200. Do it all over again, but with one hand tied behind your back.

If you know someone who is bored or stressed or in need of a laugh, send them here! Be the Harbinger of Laughter, the Deliverer of Fun, and the Ninja Spy of Lists.


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