1000 moments

This weird thing happened where I’ve received 1000 likes on my blog.

That’s more than a click of a thumbs-up-star-heart-smiley-icon, though. It isn’t just a metric readout that the internet spits at you as if to say here, here, i told you other humans exist!

It’s a thousand moments. A thousand breaths and blinks and movements and heartbeats that build something bigger.

That’s how stories work too, right? A string of moments tied by plot and characters and words. Stories are bigger than the moments that inhabit them, because those moments bridge human minds and emotion. When people read the same thing, they are experiencing something together, even if they are separated by a thousand miles and a thousand years. That’s what books do for us. They give us common ground on which to walk (and something to talk about in the check-out at the grocery store).

So I’m glad that something I’ve written has been helpful or funny or kind or thoughtful enough to give us common ground. I’m glad we get the chance to share each other’s thoughts and knowledge and hopes and fears. This is our common ground. This is the space we share.

Let’s take a walk together, shall we?


3 thoughts on “1000 moments

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