Good Moments as a Writer

[This blog post comes from the distant past of two weeks ago, when I wrote it but forgot to post it. My bad.]

I’m handing over my manuscript to my coworker on Monday. Fear aside, she isn’t the first person to read it.

That honor (aka: torture) went to my wonderful mother who read it as I wrote it. I don’t know what your first drafts look like, but it takes a lot of gumption, patience, and love to read someone’s draft as they work on it. Especially given that I wrote it between November and February.

That’s four months to read a single book. Yikes. That’s love.

Then there’s my roommate, who I handed the book to a few months ago (at least). He got to Chapter 33, stopped reading for a couple months, binge-read up to Chapter 60-something, and now he’s somewhere in the 70s (out of a total of 81).

He was reading it a couple days ago while I was playing Super Mario Brothers Wii with the same coworker who will be reading Nameless Queen soon. I looked over to him as he made a couple distressed sounds. I figured he was watching TV on his laptop or whatnot.

Nope. He was reading my book.

“What’s up?” I asked him.

“I’m mad sad glad and just, all of the emotions.”

“Did I get you? Do you have ALL THE FEELS??”

“A little bit, yeah.”

A couple quips back and forth about where he was in the book, and then he started complaining that I kept confusing the bayonet with the rifle (because the bayonet is just the blade, not the whole weapon, GAHH).

This was one of those good moments. Getting a reader to feel something, or even multiple things. It’s one of those moments where I feel like I did what I was trying to do.

What about you?

Ever had one of those moments where you just feel it? You feel validated for all your work or you feel good?


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