All I Wanna Do is Read and Write

Bahhhhh humbug. Being an adult is a full-time job (in addition to my already full-time job!)

All I want to do is read The Madness Underneath (Maureen Johnson), read and critique my CP’s manuscript, write my query letter, and drink coffee.

But being adult, while it has its privileges, also has its responsibilities. Dealing with insurance, sending super-professional emails, spending exorbitant amounts of time thinking about how to not plan the elaborate dismantling of the lives of Annoying Humans, and doing things called “errands”, which is really another name for out-of-the-house chores that you don’t get an allowance for.

Being busy and having things to do is like fuel to me. It keeps me busy, motivated, and productive. Yet it is always good to have those few things you can retreat into, like falling into a depthless beanbag chair where all the world becomes a waterfall of packing peanuts.

We should all aspire to be this cat.

For me, those things are reading and writing. Sure, writing can be an errand-chore sometimes. It requires hard work a hefty deal of thinking. And sure, reading can go either way. But falling into those things is like wading into that ocean of Styrofoam peanuts. It requires a bit of effort to not get lost, but it’s a wonderful experience of indulgence and excitement.

What is your retreat? Reading your favorite book? Writing poetry on the bathroom walls? Listening to music while sinking into The Chair of Ultimate Comfort?


2 thoughts on “All I Wanna Do is Read and Write

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