When There’s Too Much to Do

If you’re like me, you’re having a rough Tuesday.

  • Your sister is going to show up no sooner than 10 PM to spend the night, when you have to go to sleep at 8 PM to survive the 4 AM morning you must face tomorrow.
  • You were handed a 155-page manual with a request for editorial notes… by Friday.
  • You just got The Madness Underneath (Maureen Johnson) from a coworker who probably expects it back before the weekend (but Monday will be fine, probably).
  • You agreed to drive 100 miles to help family empty and clean an entire basement.
  • You just started exchanging manuscripts with a critique partner.
  • You haven’t gone shopping in weeks.
  • Your week-late check is still sitting on the table at home.
  • You keep forgetting the creamer at home, so no coffee at work.
  • You’re designing your first html site with what Google and w3schools can offer you.

With all that on your plate, you understandably have the strangest sensation that the world might suddenly explode. Except if the universe exploded, there’d be nothing to do, and the universe is not that neat. That, and we’d never hear back from Pluto.

These aren’t bad things that I’m bogged down with. For the most part, I’m excited and thrilled to have so many things to do. I thrive in chaos, because I make a schedule and a list.

The key to handling a boatload of tasks is to prioritize. Which things have to be done first? Which things are vital? Which things will accept your apology for going to sleep at a Grandma Hour and forgive you because you do, after all, have to be at work at 5AM and it’s not so bad because right over there is Mario Wii?

Unlike when there’s a storm of unfortunate tides (bills, car problems, food, Annoying Humans) that makes you want to curl up in the basement, this storm (things to read! and people to see! and places to trudge to at 4:40 AM!) is the kind you feel empowered by. Feel that thunder! Energized by lightning!


One thought on “When There’s Too Much to Do

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