I told my coworker that I finished revisions, and she can read it now if she likes. I’m still going to warn her of the issues (it’s still not a polished draft; there are still mistakes; there might be some plot holes). I’m going to give her thirty grains of salt for while she reads it.

I’ll either send it to her nook or lend her my kindle, and hopefully she won’t think it’s the biggest pile of marbles since the Collection of Crazy.

I’m still very nervous about what she’ll think of it and what she’ll think of me as a writer, but getting feedback or even just overall impressions is very important. My end goal as a writer is to entertain. If I can bring a smile or a watery eye or a chuckle or a white-knuckled grip, then I’ve succeeded.

At least, that’s the comfort I’ll be whispering to myself while I rock back and forth on the futon, awaiting any word from her.

DEAREST COWORKER: you are wonderful for showing an interest, and I hope you’re uninhibited by my anxiety while you read!


6 thoughts on “I DID IT

    • I think people I know and are friends with are more often inclined to chat with me about what they liked and didn’t in a friendlier atmosphere, and to give me advice instead of just offering harsh critiques. Not that I mind harsh critiques at all! But a lot of times people don’t like something and don’t know why, and it takes a level of investigatory conversation to get to the root of things 🙂

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