Art in the Sky

Art is something humans create. A oil pastel portrait, a haunting melody, a powerful story arc.

Art is a manipulation of preexisting conditions to create something that celebrates, condemns, explains, and extols what we understand of the world. For this art, we draw from elements of our lives, the lives of others, and what we see in nature.

We apply the fractal crystallization to a geometric collage of colors and angles.

We take the moment a woman loses her daughter, and we put that pain to words.

We take laughter, screaming, birds, wind, drums, heartbeats, and we meld and shape them into a song.

With fireworks, we put our art in the sky. Up in the unchangeable yet always changing heavens, an indomitable forces of nature.

Fire is a moment of change. We treat it like a beast that consumes, but it is a finite, fluid moment of transition. And with it, we paint. We do maths and measuring, selling and purchasing, and then we decorate the sky in a brilliant flash of color.

Remember this with your art. Remember painting with fire and inhabiting nature and sharing beautiful skies.


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