The Rush of Being Almost Done

Yesterday, I talked about having only 50 pages left to revise. Today, I’m done.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a huge list of things to do (including adding in three scenes). But 50 pages in one day? YEAH. That happened. I should eat an Oreo to celebrate. Or drink some tea. Or DIP SOME OREOS IN TEA!

*returns five minutes later with tea and cookies*

There’s always that rush you get when you’re about to finish something. It’s like sprinting that last leg of a race or studying ALL THE CHAPTERS just before the test.

It’s a mega-burst of energy that can make you stay up past your bedtime of 8:30 pm. Hold on, you don’t go to bed that early? That’s just me? I mean, of course I stay up until 3AM every night, gripping the empty coffee pot with shaking hands, because that’s what hardcore adrenaline insomniacs do?   *falls asleep at keyboard*

This burst of energy isn’t so much vital as it is addicting. That thrill and rush of being almost done is pretty much as awesome as sliding down a rainbow toward a pot of chocolate gold coins. For me, it’s something that reminds me why I love writing so much. I’m not studying for someone else’s test or for taxes… I’m diving headlong into the storm of something I created and something I adore.

Do you enjoy the rush of almost being done? How do you handle deadlines and being near the end of something?

Are you an insomniac gripping the last shreds of caffeine? Because I want my coffee pot back.


3 thoughts on “The Rush of Being Almost Done

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