Why Are You Reading THAT Book?

My roommate is a big fan of Brandon Sanderson. My sole exposure to Brandon Sanderson was his NaNoWriMo Pep Talk in 2014. Since I hadn’t read anything by him, and I wasn’t swept away into the first couple pages of one of his books (it’s less action and more description/narration at the beginnings, I’ve found), he’s lending me his copy a Sanderson novella, The Emperor’s Soul.

What I found instantly captivating was the premise and the main character.

Premise: The emperor has died, and the powers-that-remain have tasked the main character with Forging (as in a replicated forgery) his soul into his already-healed (aka Forged) body.

Character: An excellent thief and Forger who is one day away from execution, miles from freedom, and yet somehow on the doorstep of an incredible opportunity. She is tasked with Forging the Emperor’s Soul.

What got me in the first few pages: The seamless incorporation of worldbuilding and the easy yet in-depth explanations of how this magic of Forging works.

Identifying what you like about books and what you dislike will make you a better writer.

What is it about the book you’re reading that drew you in? Was it a friend’s recommendation? The first pages? The book jacket? A review?


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