Multiple Blogs?

As the eleven people that follow me on Tumblr know, I don’t spend heaps of time scrolling the dashboard or reblogging. (I do, however, spend an inordinate amount of time stalking authors, an act for which I feel no guilt.)

I ventured into the brief but persistent world of Twitter because, as an author, I will want to have an online social presence. Honestly, though, Twitter is just a fantastic place to complain about my coffee addiction.

I ventured into Tumblr for the same reason. I realized, after a while, that I could be a bit more fluid and open with what I posted on Tumblr. Since I didn’t have strict viewer expectations (or any viewers at all, really), I could toss caution into the tailwinds. By that, I mean I post about things other than writing and reading.

Blogs on different platforms and with different designs have different goals. People can have art blogs, advice blogs, writing blogs, book reviews, or journal blogs.

I use WordPress for talking about (gushing about, obsessing about, and complaining about) all things to do with writing books. It’s what I love!

What about you? Do you find that you want to voice different opinions in different places? Is Twitter better for interfacing with new and strange humans? Is Tumblr your guilty pleasure?

5 thoughts on “Multiple Blogs?

  1. I personally stay away from most social media, like Facebook and Twitter 🙂 Weirdly enough though, my blog covers a lot more things than I thought it would. I originally started it as a writing blog and now it seems to have grown somehow…0_o;

    • Facebook is a relic of my high school days 😛
      I tried to stay away from social media, but I know, logically, that once I start publishing, I’ll need to be on them. Practice and perfect and all that, yeah?
      That’s awesome! Blogs should grow and expand as we do 🙂

      • Thanks 🙂

        I’ve been thinking about the same thing, honestly. So many authors use Twitter now and having a platform seems to be so important when you’re published.

        • It’s absolutely important. I’ve done lots of research into it, and almost every sources (from literary agents) say that they expect their authors to develop a presence online. It’s vital, they say, to developing an audience and communicating with them 🙂

          • That’s what I’ve read too. I imagine it’ll be doubly important since I want to follow a hybrid author career path.

            *sigh* I just really hate social media.

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