Finishing Hard Copy Revisions

It’s been an age since I started working on the paper print-out of my 140,000 word manuscript (it’s so loooooong). Printed, it was about 253 printed pages SINGLE SPACED (because trees!) but printed single-sided (because not trees?). Two dried out highlighters and four packs of sticky tabs later, and you have a monster of a beast of a marked up manuscript.

Among the changes:

  • An added character
  • A more-present character
  • A shift in motives
  • A LOT of extraneous words harshly stricken from record via pink highlighter.
  • A couple chapters merged
  • A couple chapters split
  • Less beige
  • Some scenes buried in the backyard (underneath a grave of pink highlighters)

Now what? I need to put all these changes into the computer version. This will require time and effort. There are two roads to go down here:

  1. Like an automaton programmed with blind goals, input the changes. The goal here is speed and efficiency.
  2. Spend the time making the changes but also looking for more changes to make. The goal here is change.

Pick option 1 if making electronic changes just isn’t in the cards.

Pick option 2 if the hard copy changes felt “on the verge” of bigger changes.

Pick secret option 3 of lighting it all on fire if nihilism was brewed instead of coffee.

4 thoughts on “Finishing Hard Copy Revisions

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  2. I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the No Strings Attached Award, but for some reason, I am having difficulty with all the sites appearing on that post. Yours is there.

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