Binge Reading

Have you ever sat down at around, say, 9 PM, and you think I’m going to read for an hour before going to sleep, and then you turn the last page and it’s 2 AM and you look around in wild desperation for someone to talk about WHAT JUST HAPPENED and that twist at the end, though, but—because it’s now 2 AM—all the world’s asleep while you’re riding your adrenaline high of finishing the book you swore swore absolutely swore you were only going to read the first few chapters because, like, you have to wake up tomorrow morning for real life stuff, but the book just got you and WHY IS EVERYONE ASLEEP WHEN I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED because books, guys... books.

This is called binge reading. Binge reading, at its truest form, is when a book ensnares you so completely, the rest of the “real” world falls away. The characters are so vivid, so engaging, that other “real” human beings are simply peripheral.

Binge reading is sitting down with a book in your hands and not stopping until you’ve turned the last page!


This happened to me last night while I was reading Oblivion (Sasha Dawn). I borrowed the book from my sister, started reading at 9-ish, and didn’t quite until I was knocking on the door of the last page, wishing there were more words to invite me onward. As with most books, there were things I loved and didn’t like, things I saw coming and things that surprised me.

It’s a good feeling, though. To get sucked in. To get whisked away. To experience wholeheartedly.

That’s the beauty in reading.


What about you? When’s the last time you binge read a book? Do the riptides haul you into a book and drag you down to the depths of a different world? What was the last book that kept you up at night?


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