Taking a Breath and Break

I’m within a week of finishing my hard copy revisions to my manuscript. However, it’s also a holiday weekend (yay, no work on Monday [but because I’m a contractor I won’t get paid for it]). I also have a two-day headache still bumbling around my brain.

I’M SO CLOSE to finishing this round of revisions!!

I want nothing more than to power through and knock it out of the park with a boxer’s final punch. Yet the mixed metaphor is representative of my brain right now: jumbled, cross-wired, and confused.

With that in-around-and-on my mind, I realized today that I haven’t done any revision in the past four days. Friday appeared with a SURPRISE you’re on a break! note. No flowers, though. Just the note. Friday’s flowers are the weekend. So thank you, Friday. Very generous.

At first, I chastised myself for letting my work slide. Then I reminded myself: You can’t work at 100% capacity all the time. You need a break every now and then. You need a deep breath, a moment of silence.

That’s why we have vacations and weekends and off-hours and lunch breaks and coffee breaks and I could go for some coffee right now…


So remember to give yourself permission to take a break when you need it, or else you’ll burn-out, and you’ll end up spending your time in a smoldering heap of crossed wires and metaphors.


3 thoughts on “Taking a Breath and Break

  1. Breaks are needed and I’m sure they’re certainly well-deserved. I’ve had a rough work week and I’m planning on spending this long weekend with my writing and also get some spring cleaning done. That’s a break to me, lol.

  2. I definitely agree with you that, sometimes, writers just need to take a break. Pushing yourself too hard will only end up hurting you in the long run. Good luck with the revision process!

    • I always know it’s time to stop revising for the day when I start trying to get to the next page instead of focusing on what’s on the current page (same method for writing, too!!)
      And thanks! 🙂

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