Have You Ever Dreamed a Story?

Dreams are finicky. Some people never really remember their dreams. Some people have epic story dreams to rival blockbuster films. Some suffer nightmares.

Writers, I like to think, are always on the lookout to capture new stories. Sort of like that normal guy in the park with a giant butterfly net trying to ensnare strangers.

Dreams are a wonderful tool! Our unconscious minds explore the outer edges of creativity and imagination.

I don’t know about you, but I can recount some of my favorite dreams, some of which occurred when I was 12 years old!

Some people keep dream journals. Some roll over, fall back asleep, and forget the finer details.

What about you?

Have you ever had a dream that spoke to you? Did you dream up a story that poked at the imaginative bear inside your brain-cave? (Hopefully you can dream some better metaphors, but you get the idea!)

Did any of those dreams inspire you to write?


8 thoughts on “Have You Ever Dreamed a Story?

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  2. Interesting post! I had a dream diary when I was younger, although I can still vividly remember so many of them! If one dream is particularly good, I might even write a novel revolving around those events!

    • I’ve found that recounting your dreams sometimes helps you remember dreams you had forgotten! So it’s a good exercise to jot them down! Also, it’s always fun to start a conversation with “I had this dream one time…”
      Other people’s dreams can be just as inspiring!

  3. I usually have around three dreams per night. They’re so entertaining. Lots of them inspire stories. I’ve had whole scenes written directly from dreams and one whole story that was literally just retelling what happened in the dream. Love it!

    • It’s impressive to remember more than the most recent dream! Most people go through 3 REM Dream cycles per night, but only remember the most recent one if they wake up in the middle of it. I envy your mysterious unconscious brain of dream-remembering!! 😀

  4. Hello, and that is an extremely interesting question you asked. I often have dreams that have some kind of plot, which makes for cheap entertainment! And yes, one dream has provided me with the basis for a novel which is on the waiting line to be drafted.

    • I think that’s wonderful! I think the best part about dreaming up a story is that you get to tell people that’s where the idea came from. Then people will think you’re unconscious is a mysterious, exciting entity of its own right. And who doesn’t love to be more mysterious?

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