Procrastination: Stalling vs. Waiting

I’m in this gray zone of productivity right now. After spending 3-1/2 months on a whirlwind of writing new and exciting book, I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I went through a few weeks of reading. All the while, I did some revisions and waited to hear back from the people who were reading my first draft.


I’m avoiding revision. I’m not sure why. Am I waiting to hear back from beta readers? Am I just taking a break? Am I enjoying having this magical thing called “free time” since I’ve gone from 50 to 40 work hours per week? Am I procrastinating? I also am hesitant to start up revisions again, because what if I mess it all up? So is it fear that keeps me from moving forward or do I just need time to prepare myself?

I can’t tell.

What I know is that I’m still busy doing things, but I’m doing things other than writing (gasp of shock from peanut gallery!) A bit of socialization here, an Easter weekend there, a YouTube video now and again, a healthy dose of Castle and Psych marathons.

I’m also starting to get itchy fingers. I want to be writing, creating, producing, doing.

Lately, I’ve been floating around and doing things as I feel like doing them, but I explicitly avoided starting Camp NaNoWriMo for revision because I didn’t want to jump back into the world of strict schedules. But now that I’m a week through April, I want to be doing things again.


Dear calendar, you might want to prepare yourself for some ink. I’m about to start planning out my life again. Or maybe I’ll plan it out tomorrow…

Sincerely Eventually Yours.


Maintaining a shrug is hard work.


2 thoughts on “Procrastination: Stalling vs. Waiting

  1. I wrote this back in 2015 (now it’s 2017), and this is exactly how I’m feeling again. But this time, it’s a sense of listless wandering. I sent my revisions to my editor a month ago and haven’t heard back yet, but I had some decently sized doubts about some of the changes (I’m looking at you, vaguely referenced plot even in the third act). So I’m mostly in a sea of nervousness and meandering. But reading this old post of mine reminds me why I’m feeling so aimless. I need schedules and ritual and expectations, and right now I don’t have any. Get your butt into gear, McLaughlin! Read some books! Shop for some groceries! Venture into the great Outside.

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