What Type of Writer Are You?

What type of writer are you? Whether you’re a novice, a professional, or something in between, your brain is wired (and weird) to a certain set of behaviors. Maybe you fall into the following categories, maybe you see a bit of yourself in all of them, or maybe you’re all of them at different times!

Here are six types of writers:

Frenzied Writer

  • You’ve written 650 poems, 300 short stories, 70 experimental cross-overs, and you’ve started at least a dozen books.
  • Whether you spurn the idea of caffeine or if you live on coffee like it’s your lifeblood, people always think you’re going a million miles per hour.Without realizing it, you’ve valued quantity over quality.
  • Writing might be a race sometimes, but you’ll want to be well practiced in the art of rewriting, revision, and editing.

This is winning. In more way than one.

 Careful Writer

  • With a lot less written than the Frenzied Writers, you value quality over quantity. Or maybe a better word is obsessive? Outlines are your BFFs, and plot holes are you loathsome enemies.
  • You take your time with each piece of writing. Each step is observed, thought through, and then completed.
  • There’s no such thing as a terrible first draft for you. Sure, it might still need some work, but each sentence, paragraph, and chapter were written and revised on the go.

He should have listened the Sorcerer Gardner’s warning and not gone to explore the puddle. Welp… He’s Narnia’s problem now.

Widespread Writer

  • You’re trying out everything!
  • First person, third person, second person; memoir, nonfiction, fiction; fantasy, romance, thriller; poetry, novels, prose!
  • Experimentation is the heart of improvement. We try different things, and that’s how we find what we love!

Try different things. Make good decisions! Just don’t come home with a llama.

Tentative Writer

  • The first chapter: it makes you nervous. It makes your palms itch and your ears tingle.
  • Is it fear, want of perfection, or an unfinished idea that prevents you from writing? Whatever it is, it’ll take you a while to build up the courage to write, but you’ll get there!
  • Once you start writing, it can take a while. Your brain wants to settle on a plan before moving forward.

This could be you. But look at that tiny bed!

Dabbling Writer

  • Middle of a Saturday with nothing to do? Eh, why not do some writing?
  • Sometimes writing is just a hobby, and idle fancy, or something to pass the time.
  • Sketching out characters or typing up a quick story, or adding a little bit at a time to a bigger project, you dip your toes in the waters when the muse (or boredom) visits.

Too bored for shoelaces. Let’s write an epic poem instead.

Disciplined Writer

  • Word count goals. Deadlines. Coffee. You love it all, and you relish in the schedule and the accomplishments. Bring on NaNoWriMo! You get things done in their own time.
  • You write everyday. You have a routine and Lorde help anyone if they mess you up. If you miss a day, you start to go a little twitchy and suffer withdrawal symptoms.
  • It’s not necessarily an “obsession,” but it’s definitely an active passion.

When do we write? NOW. When do we stop? NOW. Wait…

What type of writer are you? Do you fall into more than one category? Are you your own special brand?


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