Ten Annoying Car Quirks (Ninja Car Update)

I got Ninja Car back form the shop yesterday with a bright new shiny door! Woo hoo! The auto shop guys were lovely and even cleaned my car of all the bits of glass from the window!

As I made the transition from Red Rental back to my Ninja Car, it’s familiar quirks were a comfort compared to the many-buttoned and confusing console of Red Rental. Those quirks may at times be flaws, but I love them just the same. Like family members!

Anyway, I figured that I should make a list of all the quirks of my car and describe my reaction and/or solution.

Does your car have any quirks? Have you had a quirky car in the past?


1. Dash lights don’t work. The turn signals are solid unless they’re blinking when I turn. To check my speed, I need to flick on my interior lights and peer through the shadow of the steering wheel. Cruise control makes it easy enough to stay at speed on the freeways, and the flow of traffic is (usually) a safe guide.

2. Passenger door doesn’t auto-unlock sometimes. This could be because of the cold or because of that one time my friend opened the door mid-unlocking. Either way, it usually gets fixed by locking and unlocking again. Sometimes.

3. Closing trunk when car is locked = the alarm goes off. Sigh. This one just… sigh. Solution: unlock car every time I open/close the trunk.

4. Left windshield fluid dispenser is stupid. It throws a glob of water on my hood because some part of the nozzle-bit is bent, broken, or old. Need to wash the windshield? Just hope the water will somewhat transfer from one side to the other.

5. Since the front door replacement, the rear driver’s side door doesn’t auto-unlock anymore. I could probably submit the car to be fixed again since it would fall under the damage caused by the accident, but it’s small potatoes, I think.

6. The radio volume knob is sporadic at best. Turning down the volume often turns the volume up. Super fun, right? Only if your ears don’t mind roller-coasters. Solution: brace yourself for an exciting auditory event!

7. The rear-right window makes this awful cli-clack sound when it rolls up. I try not to roll it down often. When I do, I prepare a cringe in advance of the terrible sound.

8. The passenger window moves slowly. Kinda like a snail but with less of a will to live. Solution is the same as number 7.

9. Burning smell from my heater when I pull to a stop after getting off the freeway. I had thought for a while that it was a complication from the rebuilt transmission, but the smell only happens when the heat is on high. Solution: turn heat down when exiting freeway.

10. My car is a ninja. I know I’ve explained this before, but the truth of the matter is that my car has been hit parked twice since I got in August 2014. That’s 6 months! I like the car, quirks and all, but its lifespan may solely depend on its ability to blend into the nighttime shadows.


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