First Draft DONE!!

Good News!

I just finished my first draft of The Nameless Queen. I gave myself a deadline of last night, and I sort of met it. Sorta = 1:00 AM. Not within the 24-hour clock of my Wednesday deadline, but within my waking-hour clock! I call that a 95% success!

Woo hoo! Whoop whoop!

After some formatting changes, I sent along the first draft to friends T-Alpha and Airy-air (as they requested/demanded). Then I sent an announcement text and the finished first draft to those lonely souls who were reading it as I wrote it (I’m lookin’ at you, Mom and Eldest Sister).

Then I drank some sparkling cider from the bottle and ate some German chocolate (Ritter Sport, anyone?). Then, at around 2 AM, I went to sleep.

If you’re curious, this is what happens when you drink sparkling cider after brushing your teeth.

Bad News

I had to wake up for work at 5:30 AM. Granted, I slept in until 5:50, but I’m not too keen on my prospects for the rest of the day. A ten-hour round of sitting-in-office-chair-at-work working, scattered with a few calls to finally get Ninja Car into the shop tomorrow for repairs, and finally a stop by the store to get the coffee creamer that I specifically went to purchase on Tuesday, bought 100 dollars of groceries AND THEN FORGOT TO BUY CREAMER.

Fun fact about me: I don’t go shopping when I run out of food, I go shopping when I run out of coffee/creamer. I don’t want to say I have a caffeine problem… but… nah. I’m not even going to defend it. I love me some coffee.

This is all I want from my mornings. That, and no ice on my car.


Worse News

Since I forgot to by creamer, I have no coffee to get me through the workday. Rising levels of anxiety are causing me to BAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Anyway, some spiced chai tea and sugar should at least give me something to sip at whilst I work diligently. On the radio this morning, however, the radio man was all too pleased to announce: “It’s negative four degrees!”

I’m pretty sure it’s 10th degree treason to sound that happy when reporting a below zero temperature on top of a negative 20 wind chill.


Bright and Shining Awesome News

Despite the cold weather and the sleepiness, the first draft is done!!!

It bears repeating with more enthusiasm:

THE FIRST DRAFT IS DONE! Squeals of joy commence.

Slow-motion emotion. My brain right now.

I’m too excited to question all of the potentially senseless decisions I made in the last chapter. I won’t even think about all the half-finished sentences hiding amidst the indelicate prose of the beastly first draft.



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