Deadline Day! (1st draft done yet?)

A week ago, I promised my friend T-alpha and my Twin Sister and Airy-air (friend) that I would fork over my first draft.

This is for two reasons:

Eldest Sister and my mother read the book as I wrote it. Which is a chore in and of itself. (For instance, I once said to them: “Remember how you’ve read up through Chapter 29? Well, now there’s a chapter 14-1/2, 18-1/2. 22-1/2, 29-1/2, and 29-3/4. Aside from the thrill of having a Chapter Twenty-Nine-and-Three-Quarters, it can be a bit troublesome for readers to have to go back and modify what they knew as the truth.

Just kidding, said the author, that character really doesn’t exist. And this character does. And did I forget to mention the flying elephant? My bad.

So, T-alpha and Airy-air are expecting my story. I told them they couldn’t have it until I was done. So they gave me a deadline of this evening after work.

Well, guess what isn’t finished yet? MY FIRST DRAFT.

Facepalm of Disney proportions.

But I’m really close. Like, at the apex and in need of a resolution close. I still haven’t quite decided what happens to the villain after this point, and it largely hinges on whether or not I have the desire to write more books after this one. Goal for uncertain book: give it a proper, satisfying resolution, but leave yourself enough room to move forward if you decide you want to.

I’m trying to toe the line between pushing myself to keep writing to meet a deadline (and to avoid stagnating) and to spend the time necessary to get a proper ending out of it. My editorial brain says, “You can go back and change it later if it doesn’t work.” My authorial voice says, “But if they read a bad ending first, it’ll stick with them.”

My anxiety is rising to rare levels of BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Ahem. Despite all of this, I won’t back out on my promise/deadline. Even if I don’t have the last chapter or so straightened out, I’ll fork over what I have. Then it’ll be a race of finishing the ending before they read up to it.


Either way, I’m going to spend my lunch break writing and scraping together the pollack-like finale of what is now a 135,000 word book.


3 thoughts on “Deadline Day! (1st draft done yet?)

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