How do You Celebrate Finishing a First Draft?

So, I’m going to finish the first draft of The Nameless Queen soon, and I want to celebrate, and I need suggestions!

I’m starting to slide down the slippery slope of finishing my first draft. The ending is about three or four scenes away (with at least as many chapters), and I’m starting to feel the rush that you don’t really get except for at the beginning and ending of writing a book. It’s like when you’re running so fast you start slipping, but you can’t stop running because you’d fall.

I’m thinking within a week, I’ll finish it. I’m starting to freak out.


And not like how I freaked out every couple weeks since I started the story in November (NaNoWriMo). Y’know, when I stormed around and ranted about whether or not I could kill a character, how I was going to get all of my characters to where I needed them to be, and how I could fix the blatant plot holes.

Well, there are still some plot holes. HOWEVER!

I won’t let a silly thing like logical ambiguity stop me from getting to the end of the story. I’ll let future Revision Rebecca handle the plot holes.

Faced with this upcoming accomplishment, I’m faced with the question of how to celebrate. I don’t want to do anything lavish (1: I’m a cheapskate, poor intern still; 2: I’m not a big party person). But I do want to celebrate.

If you saw my 100 Writing Tips in 5 Minutes video, then you’ll notice I’m in possession of two beauteous bounties: Ramen Noodles and Sparkling Cider.


Pretty decent form of celebration, I think. Very healthy, at least.


I’m pretty darn sure that the second I finish the book, I’ll open the cider and microwave some noodles. Hopefully I’ll finish it on a weekend or during the day so I can fully enjoy and lucidly comprehend the exciting accomplishment.

I finished my first book (unpublished The Amateur Witch) at approximately 7:00 AM after staying up all night at Eldest Sister’s house typing into the daylight. That was five-ish years ago, two days before my high school graduation. Now I’m an adult-type person with a job-type thing that requires I leave for work at 6:30 AM. So, obviously, the same circumstances will not apply.


I still want to celebrate. I’ve been considering treating myself to a delicious “meal” of spinach artichoke dip and strawberry lemonade from a restaurant near where I work.

But I thought, maybe that’s not good enough. Maybe I should go on a long walk by the river to breathe fresh (cold and wintry) air, because I’ve spent the majority of my recent months inside typing.

Or maybe I should binge-read the second and third Divergent books. Or maybe I should do some drawing or knife-throwing.

All in all…



So, I have one question for all you writers out there: how do YOU celebrate reaching a goal? After you finish a first draft, type the last word, reach the word count goal… how do you celebrate?


5 thoughts on “How do You Celebrate Finishing a First Draft?

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  2. First, congratulations! You are almost there, and having a first draft complete is a very, very big deal. As you mentioned, then comes revision time, but for now, you need to celebrate! For me, definitely enjoying a good cigar and a couple of fingers of 12 year old Macallan Scotch Whisky is a great way to celebrate.

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