After NaNoWriMo 2014: Dec 30 — Two Days Left!

There are two days left in December, and thus far I have zero plans to do any writing. I mean, I’m going to finish the changes due for Chapter 29, 29-1/2, and 29-3/4* (I broke up a chapter into three bits but wanted to maintain the numbering system for the poor first-draft readers).

(*There is currently a chapter in my book labeled Chapter Twenty-Nine-And-Three-Quarters. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how absurdly happy this makes me.)

And I might try to finish up Chapter 37. Aside from that, however, I have a friend coming over and a delicious meal of pan-seared ribs and garlic cheese pasta to prepare. Having a friend over will be good. Socialization reminds me that other humans DO exist outside of my novels.

I keep chastising myself for not writing more during the Christmas holiday, but then I remind myself about the healthy need for socialization etc., and the fact that I’ve made a boatload of progress.

But what held me back the last couple of weeks wasn’t just the holidays or stress. It was a few different things:


So. TWO DAYS LEFT. I’m not giving up, but I’m open, aware, and accepting of the fact that I will have to keep writing into January to finish The Nameless Queen.

Come January, I’m going to kick the rest of this book into gear and finish it up, finish strong, and most of all, just get to the end! Then the real work starts… Revision.

This is my game face.

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2 thoughts on “After NaNoWriMo 2014: Dec 30 — Two Days Left!

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