After NaNoWriMo December 2014: 4 days left!

A terrible chill descends, and I’m not just talking about the rain that decided to dampen the day.

There are only FOUR DAYS of 2014 left!

About a month ago, I made a bold, daring (and ultimately foolish) decision to finish my NaNoWriMo project by the New Year. Let’s take a look at where I’m at:


The bright blue background incline is at 1667/day, the bars are 1500/day. The roller coaster red is my progress.

Am I going to finish the book by The New Year? Probably not. Am I going to get to 100,000 words before January first? Maybe not.

But the important thing is that over the course of a month, I’ve added on another 35,000 words to an already 50,000 word book.

I know I’m going to finish the book. I might agonize over a couple chapters, lose some progress and rage at the world, and I might even lull into a week of lackadaisical, nonsensical complacency, but I’ve reached the point where I know I’m going to finish. So a bit of time off, a bit of stress, and a bit of agony is all right (and is probably healthy after nearly sixty days of nonstop writing).

Writing a book can be stressful. I spent the majority of yesterday not typing this blog post and instead agonizing over what to do about a scene I had added in. Do I delete it? Change it? Move it? Kill it in its sleep? Euthanize it with Cut/Paste into my outtakes file?

I ultimately decided that it would move forward by almost ten chapters, and it would be remolded to fit the new section. (This is when visual aids like timelines and maps come in handy, to keep track of characters, etc.) So I need not murder my darling this time, but I shall mangle and reform it like Playdough.

So if you are nearing a deadline and it looks like you might come up short, just keep in mind all of the progress you have already made!

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