Building a Writing Platform: Finally joining the Twitterverse!

After about twelve minutes of deliberation, I finally decided to enter into the dangerous, tangential fray into the world and wars of Twitter. (When I say it like that, it makes it sound almost exciting.)

Mostly, I’m attempting to experience more of what social media has to offer. My sister extols the gratification of being able to internet-stalk her favorite celebrities, TV shows, and YouTube sensations.

This is essentially how Twitter bends space and time to absorb your life.

What sold me on joining Twitter?

Two things:

I now have the ability to interweb-stalk authors!

  • Patrick Rothfuss = hilarious (and his blog is a wonderful mix of charity information and hilarity)
  • Steven King = slightly political (in light of recent INTERVIEW hullabaloo, isn’t everyone just a bit political?)
  • John Green = Recently stole a HP book from a movie set, so props.
  • Victoria Aveyard = way more of a normal yet awesome human being than I can ever aspire to.

Building up a bit of an author’s platform:

I realize that at some point, I will publish a book. Having written five-ish books (math and books is confusing), I know that I will someday be published. It’s inevitable. That’s the way it is with passion. It’s impossible to fail at something you’re passionate about, because it isn’t about money or success, it’s just about the act itself. If you’re doing what you’re passionate about, you’ve already won.

So, I recognize the need to test and strengthen my ability to have a public standing. Now, that doesn’t mean I have to have 3000 followers on my blog and 5000 followers on twitter (I don’t think I could count that high). A literary agent won’t sign you based on how big or small your writing platform is. They’ll sign you based on your writing.

If you’ve produced something they want to help you sell, then they will help you build up your platform (depending on their level of commitment/involvement/media awareness). In the event that they will ask you to keep a blog or twitter in order to plug your book (self-advertise), then it might be good to have some practice before you jump into things.

That’s the main reason I’m dipping my to into Twittery waters. I want to get a sense of how it works so that, if the time comes, I at least now how to tweet (and how #hashtags and @atsigns really work).

If you’re exploring Twitter (or if you’re already an expert), follow me @McRebecky


2 thoughts on “Building a Writing Platform: Finally joining the Twitterverse!

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