Taking a Break from Writing

Even if you don’t write everyday, that’s okay. Sometimes our brains just need a break! Especially if we’ve been sticking to a schedule we’re not used to doing. That’s why workweeks have weekends.

From: AFTER NaNoWriMo 2014 (December 19): Ice is Scary

6 thoughts on “Taking a Break from Writing

  1. I am slowly teaching myself this when it comes to keeping my blog up-to-date as well. Sometimes I just need to step back and leave it alone for a day or two!

    • I think blogs are a GREAT way to develop the schedules, habits, and patterns of writing on a regular basis! Even so, sometimes I look at my blog, and I shrug with an overwhelming urge to pretend the internet doesn’t exist 🙂

        • When I moved into my first apartment that didn’t have internet, I realized how often I check Facebook and Google and email when I’m writing. Every time I paused in between paragraphs, I would open up an internet browser.

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