Music as a Background to Life

Music is a great background.

Whether we’re driving down long roads drumming thumbs on steering wheels, puzzling over homework or work-work, or cleaning, music tends to fill in the silence that would otherwise bore, distract, or occupy us.

Are you cleaning? You’ll want to jam out, sing into the broom handle like a pro on stage, and maybe do a bit of no-one’s-looking dancing. Even though cleaning can be the devil’s chore, music somehow makes it fun. Cleaning up the couch? Nope! With music, you’re exploring the vast hidden secrets of the pocket universe named Comfy Couch.

Are you driving? Don’t try singing into the gearshift. You’ll crash. And don’t tap your feet. You’ll crash again. And you really don’t want your auto-insurance premiums to go up again, do you? Maybe now’s a good time to hit that high note in Let it Go? Pull out your favorite embarrassing playlists, rock it like a star, and sing inside your car-bubble of privacy! Just be on the lookout for ambulances. They’ll sneak up on you right in the middle of the chorus.

Are you studying? To each their own, but maybe shoot for something that won’t get you dirty looks when you accidentally burst out into song in the library/office. Not that I’m speaking from (repeated) personal experience, but a red face and the arpeggio of “Shhh!” sounds is enough to knock you off your stage.

Are you writing? Maybe go for something classical, foreign, or alternative. Something NEW that will keep you inspired! For a list of songs to write by, check out my Writing Playlist.


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