A Reason to Write Your Book Out Loud

If you’ve ever tried to transcribe an interview, you know that people talk a lot faster than you can write (unless you’re one of those insane people that sit in a courtroom during trials, yikes!). It’s natural. And if you know someone who can talk a million-miles-per-freakin’-hour, then you definitely know it’s true.

Now pretend that this is someone’s average talking speed. Do your ears hurt yet?

I recently put up a post about how to write your book out loud, which outlines the methods and reasons for dictating your book into a recording device while driving or doing other things which would prevent writing/typing.

Here’s pretty much the biggest reason that I’m not sure I explained yet:

Speaking the scenes/dialogue from your story (writing out loud) is WAY more efficient and FASTER than writing/typing. I regularly have a twenty-minute commute to work every day. From just dictating my book to a recording app on my iPod, and then typing it up when I get home, i regularly produce over a thousand words per day that way.

If you just finished NaNoWriMo like I did and you’re looking to keep writing, then you know how hard it can be to force out the required 1667 words per day.

I drove yesterday to meet my uncle and mother for lunch (and retrieve my troublesome car that just got a new transmission), and so far today, I’ve typed up the dictating I did on the way there. I have over 3400 words typed up!

That’s about 1500 words per hour!

I don’t know about you, but when I was in the middle of November, there were tough days where I spent hours trying to write, and managing only a measly few hundred words.

So! Writing your book out loud is efficient and rather quick!

If nothing else, at least give it a try! Who knows? It might work for you too!

Another reason to write out loud.


2 thoughts on “A Reason to Write Your Book Out Loud

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