What to do AFTER NaNoWriMo (December 4)

I made the decision to keep writing my NaNoWriMo in the month of December, because 50,000 words just wasn’t enough to tell the whole story. Yet, with a terrible sinus infection (which I’m still trudging through/recovering from), I knew I would have to take it easy the first week.

Unlike my habits in November, this month I need a full night’s sleep, regular eating schedule, and social interaction. So. On today’s agenda is:

  • Wake up from a full night’s sleep.
  • Take some of my homemade chicken noodle soup to work.
  • Forget to cook noodles, and just take the hearty protein-veggie base.
  • Have a delicious cup of hot tea.
  • Use a profuse amount of tissues while at work.
  • Drive home and meet up with two–three friends and watch a conglomeration of TV (Agents of SHIELD, and the anime their forcing me to watch: Trigun—not as bad as I thought it would be).
  • Eat dinner of some variety (maybe more soup).
  • Do a bit of writing (finish chapter twenty-three?).
  • Go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

What I didn’t expect was for my roommate to come home super late last night and wake in the morning with:


“Oh, hey. I didn’t know you were even here. You normally sleep with the door closed, so I thought maybe you had a long night somewhere.” (He’s finishing up a report-type thing for a post-student-teacher analysis thingie.) “Did you want to watch SHIELD tonight?”

“Not if tonight’s like every other night this week.”

“Yeah, you’ve been getting home super late. That’s the report thing you’re doing, right?”

(He proceeds to tell me the multi-syllabic name for the project which I have yet to commit to memory) “What’s the word count for ‘nano-wree-mo’, again?”

Me, proudly: “50,000 words in a month. Why? What’s your project up to?”


Me, floored. “How long have you been working on it?”

With a yawn: “Four days.”

My reaction, Wreck-it-Ralph-style.

Wow. That is entirely impressive. There’s some chicken noodle soup (minus noodles) in the fridge if you’ve forgotten to eat lately.”

“So that was that smell I smelled the other day. Smells good.”



So, I know logically that there are differences between writing a huge report/analysis and writing a book. To me, the book is more fun, and the report is more challenging. The fact that he’d almost matched my monthly word count in four days?!

I’m not going to lie, little green monster of jealousy is perched on my shoulder. But that monster is quashed by the level of impressiveness and hard work he has put in. And by the fact that I know what he’s going through.

My first NaNo attempt, back in the wee years of 2010 (y’know, when dinosaurs roamed and stuff), I wrote 12,000 words my first day. And that’s because I knew the entire book in my head before I’d written a single word.

I knew the plot, the characters, the twists and turns, the bad guy, the sci-fi tech, the romantic development, the ending. And I hadn’t ever written a single word of outlining before I began.

See, that’s what happens when an idea is fully fleshed out before you put words to paper. Now, I didn’t do that this year. I had the idea for the book a grand total of seven days before November began, and I scribbled character notes and quotable phrases and questions and plot points on printer paper that I stole acquired from an unsuspecting unattended printer.

Not to mention, the first and last days of NaNo, I wrote around 4000 words. This is largely due to out-of-the-gate-excitement and deadline-fast-approaching-fear.

I still don’t know where exactly my story will take me, but if my roommate doesn’t keel over from over-exertion first, maybe I can steal some of his determination and speediness for myself!

And in the spirit of deadlines:

I shall finish this book by the New Year.

Hopefully this declaration won’t cause me to spend Xmas and the Eve’s countdown on a mad dash of writing, but if it does, then who am I to complain? A writer writes.

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