NaNoWriMo: Counting down to midnight! (also: happy halloween)

First things first: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Young Frankenstein. Watch it.

If you’re like a lot of people, your abode is swathed in spiderwebs that make arachnids jealous, and there is some form of pumpkin in a thirty foot vicinity. Kids are preparing to heckle neighbors for candy, and parents are frowning at the weather forecast.

Or, if you’re like me, you’re frowning at the traffic reports, wondering if rush hour + first winter storm + Halloween + 100 miles of driving is such a good idea. Alas, there is candy, 11-year-old Nephew and Newborn Cousin that I must go home and visit (although my visit with the candy might not turn out so well).

If you’re even MORE like me, you’re also counting down the hours until midnight! When the clock strikes midnight (aka, when my cell phone and the internet silently change), not only will it be my Eldest Sister’s birthday, it will also be the beginning of November.

For those of us who have authorial motives, it marks the start of National Novel Writing Month. I’ve done a bit of preparation (aka freaking out), and I’m anxiously waiting for my chance to start November off right!

Quick Definition Time:

Na-No-Wri-Mo (noun): An abbreviation of National Novel Writing Month, occurring in the month of November, where insane, masochistic, ambitious, and tentative Writers embark on a noble quest of kick-in-the-butt daily deadlines (1667 words per day, sucker!), battling caffeine-induced hallucinations, the formidable wall of Writer’s Block, overwhelming self-doubt (manifesting in the form of constant desire to revise, change, and edit), and the ultimate fear of corrupted files [learn to archive your work!].

Granted, the definition got a bit rambly/tangential, but it holds true. Nanowrimo (affectionately and efficiently abbreviated Nano) is, at its heart, a tool. It provides a means for productivity. Will you have a publishable manuscript by the end of the month? No. Will you have 50,000 words that you can then infuse with magical elbow grease over the following months? Yes.

Over the past week, I’ve been fretting (freakin’ out) in anticipation (utter fear) of the month to come. I’ve done Nano before, even Camp Nanowrimo. Yet there’s something about having a short time to prepare, but having a premise you’re excited about that make it a thrilling experience.

Count down until midnight, and then set the fear, anticipation, and excitement free!


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