2014 NaNoWriMo Prep

So, approximately 5 days ago, I made the brave (if not utterly spontaneous) decision to do NaNoWriMo this year. That’s right, exactly one week to plan and plot and prep! My current novel, The Amateur Witch, is off in the electronic hands of literary agents. And in fearful expectation of Nos and Yeses, I’m doing what writers do best, writing!

With very little time to plan, I’ve been no-head-chickening (running around like a chicken with no head). If you want to no-head-chicken as well, check out these suggestions: You Have a Book Idea — Now What?

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Had an idea based on the title of someone else’s book
  • Wondered if I was maybe plagiarizing said book even though I knew nothing of its contents/plot
  • Began to build up pressure within skull from the growing idea
  • Experienced a directed explosion of said pressure (in the form of ranting over the telephone to Sister-1
  • Received encouragement from Sister-1 to press on
  • Came up with the idea to press on (aka: took Sister-1’s encouragement and made it seem like it was my idea)
  • Brewed a pot of coffee
  • Consumed a delicious beverage (hot cocoa mix, vanilla creamer, dash of cinnamon, sprinkle of cloves, and coffee)
  • Proceeded to frantically type letters and words while undergoing the effects of simultaneous sugar rush and caffeine high
  • Emerged from caffeine-sugar delirium with a smattering of pages of what I thought a book jacket would look like (sort of like a very brief synopsis), and a couple excerpts of scenes that popped into my head
  • Fell into the rabbit hole of obsessive writing the next day EXCEPT, instead of writing the story, I wrote questions. As it turns out, when you plan a book, you always start with more questions than answers.
  • Found the answer to a couple of the questions (working my way through the web of answering all of them by Nov 1)
  • Decided to quit caffeine
  • Created a cover (a conglomeration of stuff that ended up looking like bad comic book art):

Nameless 9

  •  Finally got stuck with my three major questions that I’ll have to answer (hopefully before) Nov. 1
  • Stopped quitting caffeine (Vanilla Coke, anyone?)
  • Set up my novel profile on Nanowrimo (I’m always open to having writing buddies!)
  • Decided to stall writing by blogging instead!
  • Set a Prep Goal:By Nov. 1, answer my two biggest questions:
    • What is my villain’s plan?
    • What “superpower” will drive the hero/villain conflict?


So what about you? Are you doing Nano this year? What about your book project are you most excited about?

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