The Amateur Witch: Mock-up Bookmarks!

In between sporadically hectic bouts of writing, I tiptoe over to Pixlr (a free version of a layer-based photo editor, because I don’t like paying for things). And lo and behold, several hours of fiddling with buttons and click-y things (obviously I am very tech-savy), I emerged with bookmarks!

In my more idle moments, I imagine 6th-degree hypotheticals.  You know the kind: (1)If an agent likes my book, (2)If she requests material, (3)If she wants to represent me, (4)If my book sells to a editor/publisher, (5)If I am involved in marketing, (6)What would I create?

And my 6th-degree answer was: bookmarks! If not outdated or unused in today’s E-era, they are visually stimulating, can contain book information, and are (probably) cheap to produce. And at the very least, I know a soon-to-be 12-year-old nephew of mine would think it’s cool. And that’s all the validation I’d need.

Anyway, I spent a while (more than I’ll admit) on the construction of the bookmarks.  All in all, I made 8 of them. Each on the same template, each with important distinctions. Of course, it wasn’t until after I finished them that I realized that none of them bore the name of the book or had any other identifying markers to indicate where it was coming from.  Oops. Back into Pixlr I go! But not before leaving behind one of the bookmarks as a forever-forever-forever-internet-proof that it exists!

Brown Eyes bookmarkbrown4


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