blog – renamed, rebranded

This blog was once titled “The Desultories” with the tagline of “Wander, Imagine, Discover.”  Very Discovery Channel meets Urban Dictionary.

So why the change?

I wanted something brighter, happier, and something that better reflected what I like to do (retrospect: using a made up word (desultories) as a blog title is confusing and rather unhelpful).


Far in the past… about two weeks ago… my boss introduced me to one of the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) working on our project. What Boss really did was go around the room, point, name, and brief job descriptions. Let me give you a brief glimpse:

Boss: “That’s Ms. Ray, she is the Design Lead and Supervisor. You’ll be interfacing with her on the Company’s work site.  This is Riss, she is the SME working here on a daily basis, expert in all things [insert complicated engineering term]. This is Bree, she is in layout and design, making the product aesthetically pleasing.  And this is Rebecca.” He points at me. “She does… words.”

Cue suppressed grimace, forced smile, and overwhelming urge to correct.

I’m working as a technical writer (albeit as a paid intern as opposed to a contractor position), and I do a lot more than words. I mean, he wasn’t wrong, but I had also heard him refer to my proofreading work as “adding punctuation.”

Sidenote: I consider myself the Queen of Commas (mostly due to a lack of anyone challenging this assertion).

Sure, Boss doesn’t understand the complexities, nuances, and absolute beauty of language. Yet he isn’t wrong.

I do words.

And I’m okay with that summation. I embrace it. BEAR HUG! Because it is absolutely true. Whether I’m proofing engineering documents or writing a book, I do words.

And words are beautiful.

Coming full circle, that is why I renamed the blog and spiffied things up. A bit of minimalism, simplicity, and truth.

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