Life & Book Updates

Aside from the post earlier today, I have been largely absent lately. In order to throw myself back into the active universe, here is a thought out (sudden and random) list of the things I have done in the past two months:

  • Bought my first car (a 13 year old Ford Taurus which cost almost as much to fix at the shop as it did to buy it).
  • Bought said car from an actual real-life crazy lady. The culmination of our relationship was her shouting about floor mats.
  • Polished up my query letter. Thirteen versions later, and I finally got it to a point I was happy with it.
  • Binge watched 4 seasons of Haven (thank you Netflix).
  • Got my first credit card (unsecured, $500, no credit history, and fingers crossed for my budgeting skills).
  • First paying job! Actually, it’s a paid internship, but I’ll have to do taxes, so it still counts.
  • First apartment! With a guy roommate who doesn’t like doing dishes and leaves hairs in the sink, but he tolerates my Shower Operas on weekend mornings, so we’re cool.
  • Sent out Query Letter Mark 14 to a handful of literary agents.
  • So far received two passes, one partial request, and one full ms request!
  • Cooked a garlic tortellini pasta sauce from scratch (and set nothing on fire).
  • Baked my very first batch of from-scratch cookies. Gingerbread (also set nothing on fire, yay!).
  • Watched no fewer than 24 season/series premiers. I admit it. I am addicted to TV. But TV shows are stories too!
  • Learned how hard it is to function on a daily basis without internet (courtesy of having an apartment and not wanting to pay the installation fees and month-by-month charges).
  • Spent an inordinate time at the local coffee shop.  Free WiFi, but expensive coffee.  That’s how they get you.
  • Got pulled over for the first time ever (driving without headlights on at 8:34 PM after paying rent while checking to see if the coffee shop is still open… apparently that’s not a good thing to do).
  • Did not get a ticket for above offense (whew!).
  • Mocked up a few bookmark designs which would promote my book. Currently, I’m in the imagination stage of “What if an agent likes my book enough to sign me, and what if I get it published, and do I have to know anything about marketing?”
  • Decided that I have next to nothing as far as an “online presence” is concerned.
  • Realized that not having the internet makes it hard to develop an “online presence.” Who’d’ve thunk it?
  • Became slightly addicted to caffeine on and off.
  • Drank more coffee [FakeSponser: Gevalia Columbia Roast with French Vanilla Creamer]
  • You know what’s fun? Spontaneously pulling over on the shoulder of a road to catch a glimpse of a lunar eclipse.
  • Being an adult is hard.

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