Camp Nano 2014 July – Update 8: Pruning Word Count

For Camp Nanowrimo July 2014, I chose to revise my 100k fantasy novel.  I went through with a few key plot points to fix, a change to ingrain throughout the story arc, and an eye for continuity errors.  I went through it in about a week and a half, and my manuscript jumped from 100k to 104k.  My story benefited from this revision, but I was also doing just an overview revision.  Now I want to go through and do a close revision.  What’s the difference, you ask?  Read on!

Overview Revision:

Plot Arcs

Subplot Arcs


Character Interactions


For a more detailed explanation of what the above list is, see the post about How to Revise Your Book: Overview Revision.


All of that work doesn’t mean I’m done!  My next goal is to go through and prune my ms (manuscript) for succinctness, clarity, and readability.  That means–you guessed it–a close revision.

Close Revision:



Diction (Word Choice)

Extra fluff


Here’s where I’m at:


If you have a keen eye or a magnifying glass, you’ll notice that the word count levels off, and then goes up a bit and back down a bit.  Day ten marked the end of overview revision, and the start of pruning!


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