Camp Nano 2014 July – Update 7: Synopsis and Sunburns

I just got back from actual camping, and among other things, I have returned with: a sunburn, seaweed in my hair, a thorn in my foot, a bandaged finger, sore shoulders (kayaking), and a synopsis that is 4 pages double spaced instead of 6.

That’s right, I did a bit of editing and revision on my camping trip. I caught a little flak for it from y friends, but it was good-hearted teasing. I mostly did the editing on the car ride down their and back, and once late at night when we’d all called it a night.

One thing I struggle with in preparation for querying literary agents is honing the query letter and synopsis down to the proper punch and length.

The issue I face with the synopsis is that it is too long for the requirements posted by the literary agents I have been researching. Some agents want a 1-2 page synopsis (less than 500 words), some want a 3-ish page synopsis (more my speed).

The first synopsis I wrote was around six double spaced pages. The issue it had was that it went into too much detail. I actually enjoyed writing and reading it, but the page requirement twisted my arm to rewrite a shorter version.

This has inspired me to provide a “How To Write (and shorten!) Your Synopsis” post!


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