Camp Nano 2014 July – Update 4: Archive Revisions/Drafts

As I mentioned before, I’m using the flexible Camp NaNoWriMo to revise my 100k word novel, The Amateur Witch, and the query letter/synopsis.  Essentially, come the end of the month, I want to be prepared to submit to agents.

As I’m going through and making small and major changes, I wanted to bring up something that you may or may not have thought about.

Everyone always says that when you’re writing a book, make sure to back up your work.  But something that I have learned which is even more useful, is ARCHIVE YOUR WORK.

This means that you’re backing up your novel, and you’re backing up older versions of your novel.  This is handy when we make simple or big changes, and we’re afraid we might want to revert back to the original at some point.

Say, for instance, you realize you want a particular character to have an accent.  So you go through and change their dialogue, altering ‘going’ to ‘gonna’ and adding in a ton of contractions.  Then, once you’ve finished it, you realize that the accent is hard to read.  You want to change it back.  Instead of going through the painstaking process of changing everything back one syllable at a time, you can go back to an archived version of your book (story, poem, screenplay, etc).  Then it’s just a matter of copy/paste or overwriting the new file with the old one.

Because I want to explain in detail how to properly archive your work, I’m going to link below to the official Archive Your Work post that I’m about to write in five minutes.  That way, people who are searching for revision hints and aids can find it more easily (aka, not just under a NaNo post).

How to Archive Your Work


As of this morning, here’s where I’m at:



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