Camp NaNo July 2014 – Update 2

So in the past ten hours, I went from around the editing point of around 50k to 75k.  Out of the entire 100k, that’s about a fourth of the revising in one day.

Now, I’m going to politely ignore the fact that I still have some of the hardest editing to do in the last quarter (pesky problems, like reintroducing characters we haven’t seen in a hundred pages, realizing there’s a potentially major discrepancy and/or confusing plot point, and making sure the ending is both satisfying and leads into the next book comfortably).  The reason I’m politely ignoring this bit, is because I want to take a moment to pat myself on the back fora  job well done.  I did a lot today (at the cost of paying attention to life and lunch).  And it’s important, especially when we’re doing high-stress-deadline things like NaNo projects to take the time to recognize when we’ve done a good job.

I know that there are a lot of people out there keeping track of their NaNo experiences, and I just want to make sure everyone who finds themselves experiencing moments of success remembers to take a moment to acknowledge their jobs-well-done.

Even though there’s a mountain of work in our future, the only way we can get through it is to know that we can reward and congratulate ourselves on the work we do.  That somehow, for me, is enough motivation for me to go forward and keep working.  The big mountain of work in my future doesn’t seem so bad when I know that I’ll feel good about the work I’ve done when I get there.

Closing out the day with a bang!

Closing out the day with a bang!


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