Camp NaNo 2014 July- update 1

Even though yesterday was July 4, 2014, and the skies were alight with colorful pyrotechnic explosions, I managed to eke my way through revising and editing a good chunk of my manuscript.

As I mentioned before, I’m using Camp Nano July 2014 to go through and hopefully do the last revision of the first book I ever wrote.  In that respect, I’m at the point of revision where it mostly involves reading and making sure everyone’s eye color is proper, and keeping track of who got injured when, and really keeping an eye on my villain’s motivation.  Sometimes, I get super stuck.  Back in June, I spent a week and a half not-writing, but laboring over the fact that when I was reading my book to my 11 year old nephew, I had somehow broken his heart in the first chapter.  My goal is NOT to break the hearts of children.  So I spent weeks finding a way to properly mend a huge plot element while not fundamentally altering my book’s story line.

Essentially, revising can involve anything from spending forever making an important decision to finding the right questions to ask (questions which make you cringe, like: “Why exactly is your main character involved in this story?  Does your character actually make any decisions, or is she just propelled through the story by plot?”).


Anywho, I’m in the fifth day of editing/revising, and I’m already at the 51,000 word mark which is almost exactly halfway through my book.

Now, before I start despairing that I’m going to finish in a week and a half instead of spending the whole month editing, I’m going to remind myself of a couple things:

1. I started off already at 23k, so I haven’t been as productive as my word count makes it seem.  I know it might feel silly to hear me discourage myself, but what I’m really doing is keeping my ego, schedule, and life in check.

2. Remember how I spent two weeks not-writing, laboring over decisions?  Yeah, that could happen again.  And my lovely bar graph will look like a plateau of writer’s block.  Yayyy……?

3. If I finish the go-through of the manuscript a little early, I can always go through it again.  While you can finish writing something, you can never finish revising.  Which is sort of a kick at the knees, but it can also be a great motivator.  Revising is a whole different beast than writing, and I’m actually learning to love it just like I love writing.

4. Worst things worst, I finish early and can start reworking my query letter now that so much has changed.  A kick-ass query letter is just as important as a good story.

5.  Plus, I have a camping trip next weekend, and a GRE to take sometime this month, so being ahead of the game might come in handy when life decides to get in the way.


2014 july 5 camp

So that’s where I’m at as of July 5, 2014!  I can only hope the rest of the month goes as well!


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